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A few days ago Rob posted an article on how to get the Windows Experience Index score back. Today we are going to showcase our PC Performance Scores using another freeware utility, Novabench. It is a benchmarking utility for Windows and Mac. Novabench is a versatile and advanced aggregator than WEI that tests the performance of various components of your computer and then assigns scores to each one of them. A higher score indicates a better performance. Novabench not only rates your computer but also can be used to find the various performance bottlenecks on your system. The scores generated comes from CPU Tests that include Floating Point Operations, Integer Operations and MD5 Hashing, GPU Tests calculating 3D Frames per second, Hardware Tests measuring RAM Transfer Speeds and Drive Write Speeds.



Novabench is extremely easy to use even for inexperienced computer users. Make sure you close all the applications while running the tests to get a higher score. Click on Compare These Results Online from the results window after finishing the tests and post the link here along with your score in the comments section. Scores and Stats here shows the Highest rated PC’s posted at NovaBench. I will make sure to update the Top 10 Scores of our readers in this article. 




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