A Virtual Wall Of Sticky Notes For Planning Just About Anything

Notes Story Board is a really neat tool for planning something – indeed anything – on your PC. It’s a virtual, scalable, zoomable, expandable wall of sticky notes that you can easily place on screen and move around as required.

It’s great for planning a document that you need to write, or a process that you need to undertake.

It’s free for non-commercial use, too. Just head to www.notesstoryboard.com, choose the free option and then click the Purchase button in order to download the complete bundle of the software and some sample e-books.

The installer is a 25 MB download, and the site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust. It works just fine under Windows 10. Although the installer triggers just one of VirusTotal’s 57 different malware scanning engines, all of the main products rate it as clean and this is unquestionably a false alarm. So it’s quite safe to use.

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