Want The Same Video Editor That Was Used On Pulp Fiction? For Free?

What do Pulp Fiction, Moulin Rouge, Bruce Almighty and The King’s Speech have in common? They were all edited using a software suite called Lightworks. It’s a very full-featured professional-grade video editing package that runs on both Windows and Mac.

Believe it or not, Lightworks is actually free for non-commercial use, in a version that’s almost as powerful as the commercial one. You just have to remember to sign into their website every 7 days in order to keep reactivating your free licence.

To find out more, and to download the software, head to https://www.lwks.com/ and download the standard paid-for installer. It’ll keep working in free mode for as long as you like. The download is 80 MB, and it’s malware-free according to VirusTotal. And Web of Trust reckons that the site is reputable too.

Lightworks is a very full-featured product and isn’t easy to jump straight into. So be sure to check out some tutorials too, which you’ll also find on the web site.

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