AVG Free Antivirus Gets A Smart New Look

It’s been a while since I looked at the free antivirus suite from AVG, so I have recently been taking a fresh look. And the software continues to get better as the years progress.

As always, there’s a free version and a paid-for one. Both are accessible via the same installer which you can download from https://www.avg.com/en-ww/free-antivirus-download. When you run the installer you simply remember to select the free version, and your PC is protected for life.

While the paid-for version describes itself as a complete security suite, the free version has pretty much everything that is really essential. It scans your computer, emails and web pages for viruses and malware, and quarantines any infections if it finds them. Plus, updates get installed regularly so the system is always looking for the latest known malware.

If your existing paid-for AV software is about to expire, or if you got a new PC for Christmas and it was supplied with a 3-month trial of a paid-for security suite, you’re going to need something else soon. And while the built-in Windows Defender is OK, something like AVG is even better.

The download file is only 3 MB or so, but be aware that it will download additional files when you run the installer.

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