Free Windows Desktop Software Security List – My Choices


My Choices


Ako’s suggested free setup (add as many as you like – from top to bottom):


  • LUA
  • Windows firewall
  • Windows Defender
  • Secunia PSI 
  • Ad Muncher
  • Winpatrol
  • VoodooShield
  • Sandboxie

Ako’s online banking advice:

1) Use one LUA for ALL everyday use and make another LUA which is used ONLY for banking. The point is, that if the everyday LUA is infected, the infection is almost always limited to that account. (99% safety guaranteed. This of course requires that you are not yet infected, and don’t install malware with administrative rights in the future.)


2) Use one browser only for banking and a separate browser for everything else. This gives some extra safety.


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