Scan Multiple Pages To A Single PDF File

If you have a scanner (or a printer that includes one) then it can sometimes be useful to be able to scan 2 or more pages and save them into a single PDF file. If your scanner didn’t come with such software as standard, or if you would rather use something a little less “bloatware”, then check out a really nice free program called NAPS.

And yes, it does indeed stand for Not Another PDF Scanner. But it is. And it’s very good. And assuming your scanner uses the industry-standard TWAIN method for communicating with your computer then it should work just fine.

While we’re on the subject of acronyms, by the way, did you know that TWAIN stands for “technology without an interesting name”? Clever, eh?

Anyway, you can download NAPS from and the file is less than 2 MB. Web of Trust regards the download site as reputable. Just 1 out of 65 scanning engines on VirusTotal regard it as a potential problem, which is safe to assume it is definitely a false alarm.




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