The Ultimate Facebook Tweaker For Your Browser

I’m quite a fan of Facebook. However, I’m also quite a fan of new and interesting gadgets, so I recently made the mistake of clicking some of the “sponsored post” adverts on FB in order to see what they were about. Mainly because so many of the gadgets were, frankly, stupid and pointless. But it was fun to look at them.

Or so I thought. Because, soon after, my Facebook news feed was showing me so many more sponsored posts, for so many more pointless and useless gadgets, that the site became unusable. So I set about finding a good way to remove them. And I found something wonderful.

If you don’t already know about FB Purity, then you should. In order to keep the lawyers happy, FB stands for Fluff-Busting. But make no mistake – this extension is designed for Facebook. And what it does, is to let you selectively hide any of dozens of different elements on the Facebook site. Sponsored posts, “a friend is typing a reply…” messages, and lots more besides. You can hide entire columns, or just parts of a column. The screen shot here, shows around half of what you can do. And if there’s a particular word or phrase or term that you also want to block, which isn’t built into the program, you can add that too.

FB Purity works on Chrome and Firefox. It even works on Edge, in case you haven’t upgraded to something else yet. You’ll find it at and I highly recommend it.

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