Search 300 Billion Web Pages With The Internet Archive

The other day, a friend of mine posted about his new job. It sounded great, but I didn’t even know that the role had been advertised so I was interested to look at the original ad. Google’s cache didn’t have a copy, so I headed to the best archive of old web pages there is – the Wayback Machine. Otherwise known as the Internet Archive. It currently has around 320 billion pages because, unlike Google, it doesn’t overwrite pages each time it crawls them.

To use the Internet Archive, just head to and enter a URL. If the system has any cached copies of the page, you’ll be shown a calendar with details of all the versions on file. Just click the one you want, and the page appears. Which is how I managed to retrieve a copy of the TechSupportAlert home page from 2001.

So next time Google’s cache lets you down, or you just want to see what a certain web page looked like in its early days, check out the Wayback Machine. It’s free to use.

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