Amazon Shutting Down Music Storage Subscription Service April 30, 2018

Amazon’s Music Storage let customers upload and store up to 250 of their own MP3 files in a personal cloud library. Amazon is shuttering the service as of April 30th. Here’s how to keep your uploaded music files.

Last December Amazon announced it would be closing its Music Storage subscription plans (free and paid), the feature that lets users upload their own songs for storage to download or stream. They’ve now set April 30 as the day they’re shuttering the service.

To be clear, this impacts only music files that have been uploaded to Amazon. All Amazon Music digital purchases will continue to remain available for download and playback, and the shutdown doesn’t affect Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited in any way.
If you’ve ever used the Music Storage subscription service, you’ve likely received an email or notification from Amazon outlining all the details.

If you’ve stored music on Amazon you have two options to retain your music files. They can be downloaded or you can continue to keep them on Amazon.
To keep your uploaded music files on Amazon, sign in to your Music Settings and click the Keep My Songs button.
After you choose the Keep My Songs button a message should appear – a check mark followed by Your songs will be available for playback and download from your library:
Amazon Keep my songs
If you’d prefer to download your music and need to know how, Amazon has a Downloading Your Music help page to help downloading music through a web browser, using Amazon Music, or downloading to your mobile device. (links are to Amazon USA)

Here’s the link to Amazon’s “About Amazon Music Storage Subscriptions” for more details.

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